Our advice to store your furniture

Everybody at one point has to store their belongings somewhere:

  • you leave for a long trip and you cannot take your furniture with you,
  • you are building a new house and you live at your parents' during that time,
  • your parents or your children are leaving the house and you want to free the space.

Even the companies need some storage:

  • you have archives that you have to keep for years but they take too much space,
  • you organize events but the equipment is needed on few occasions and has to be stored for the rest of the year.

As you will need a storage facility, here is our advice.

Advice n°1 : choose what well what you want to store
Your belongings will be placed in a container and this container will be stored in a vast warehouse. Some of these containers might even be stored high.

Our advice to store your furniture: stored container
stored containers

Getting some items from your storage will cost you some extra charges for the manoeuvre. Avoid this by choosing wisely what you store! 

Advice n°2 : it is much more simple to bring the container directly to your place

If you have a big volume to store, it is ineffective to load a truck, go to the storage facility, unload the truck to put everything into a container. It is much faster to bring the container directly to your place on a truck. We load the container and we bring it to the storage where it will be smoothly rolled into place, thanks to our overhead crane.

Our advice to store your furniture: overhead crane
overhead crane

The overhead crane eases the handling of your container, which means less manpower needed, and therefore less costs and less risks of breaking. Not every entreprise proposes this kind of service. Don't forget to ask for it.

Advice n°3 : remember to wrap your belongings well

Every proper storage facility is ventilated and is kept at a constant temperature. Even so, if you store your belongings for a longer period of time, the cardboard can slowly begin to degrade. It would be a shame to let your crockery break just because it fell through the bottom of the cardboard box.

Apart from the natural degradation, there is also dust that could cover your exposed items. If you do not want to scrub every item when you recover it, a simple cover will make your life much easier.

A good packaging is therefore essential to recover your belongings in a good condition. Usually, your company should be able to provide  you quality wrappings and packagings.

If you need a storage container, don't hesitate to ask your free quote to compare with other companies. At Nadin, we guarantee you quality.

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