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The Moving Specialists since 1953

Nadin Relocation Company

The story of the Nadin Moving Company starts in 1953 when Mr. René Nadin decided to create a transportation and moving company.

When he retired, he passed on the moving branch to Ms. Nicole Nadin, actual CEO of the entreprise.

To serve best the customers of the three borders region, the company settled in Arlon and in  Hobscheid, in Luxembourg.

The children, Marlène, Fabien et Kevin have joined the company and bring the energy and the creativity appreciated by our clients.

The Nadin Moving Company preserved its family spirit and still works this way, giving to every customer a personalised solution to his or her needs.

Nadin Relocation Company

You Move We Care !

This is the leitmotiv which drives our administrative and moving teams.
You trust us for your moving, we take care of everything !

Human Ressources...

An administrative team who answers all your questions.

More than 30 professional movers who work fill time and have the skills and the experience.

In particular, our moving teams are trained to :

  • move heavy and cumbersome objects without damage
  • disassemble and assemble your furniture
  • pack all your belongings up
  • operate any lift
Nadin Relocation Company

... and equipments at your service

Having the biggest vehicle fleet of the region, our Nadin Relocation Company is able to provide you a full service for your moving.

The company is at your service all year to make your moving easy and pleasant. We always stay professional and efficient while keeping a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Nadin Relocation Company

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They trusted us !

Kae and Tom have chosen to trust the Nadin Moving Company to move and it was a successful experience.

"We are really happy of the service provided by this relocation company". It was not an easy moving, specially because we had a grand piano which had to go through by the balcony. Therefore a lift was necessary. We had no idea how the movers will do it. 

The team of  4 movers managed the situation in a very professional way and with a sense of humour which reassured us since the begining.

Hat off to all the team and thanks again for your service!"


If, like Kae and Tom, you wish to trust us with your moving, don't hesitate to ask for your free quote.

Some other reviews from our clients :



Merci à toute l'équipe de Nadin pour le bon déroulement de mon déménagement.

Jean-Marc UNSEN


Lors de mon déménagement tout s'est déroulé parfaitement.



Rapidité, efficacité.

Christian SCHMITZ


- Les opérateurs ont tous fait preuve de beaucoup d'entrain et ont travaillé à notre satisfaction: efficace et sans abimer les effets.
- Sur le 1er déménagement nous avons été surpris par la structure du prix final qui n'était pas celui qui avait été annoncé au départ, en tous les cas pas visible pour nous. Davantage de transparence serait apprécié.
- Nous avons toujours eu un retour rapide et l'arrangement du changement de dates a été parfait.



très sympathique
travaillé rapidement

merci pour l'excellent travail



Equipe simpatiche



Tres satisfait



Nous avons ete tres satisfaits de vos services. Merci encore



Déménagement d'un appartement de 120 m2.
de 08.00 - 11.00 hrs (approx) tout a été mis dans le camion et vers 14 hrs tout était mise en place dans la maison sans incident.
Serivce rapide, professionel et à bon prix.
Des copains nous avait recommandé Nadin et je n'ai pas regretté ce choix.
Bon travail!

Cedric VOZ


Équipe fort sympathique, réactive et professionnelle. 
Un déménagement sans encombres, sans casse et en respectant nos affaires. Aucuns coups dans les murs, griffes, ..
À refaire, je re-signe à 2 mains!

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We can discuss your needs, choose best services and provide a detailed offer.

Contact us directly

We can discuss your needs, choose best services and provide a detailed offer.