Furniture Assembly and “On-Demand” Service

For many years, our professional furniture assemblers are specialized in the furniture assembly originating from big manufacturers like Bene, Steelcase, USM, Kew-lox,Ikea, Conforama, LaRedoute.

Furniture Assembly

No need to spend two hours to set this doors square!

We naturally take care of the furniture assembly, no matter how many furniture or room. For example, we assemble and install desks for open-spaces and wardrobes for rooms.

Furniture assembly and On Demand Service - Nadin

However, we have an exception: we don’t do plumbing, neither in kitchen or bathrooms. But we can still install the furniture in your bathroom 😉

Furniture assembly and On Demand Service - Nadin

“On-Demand” Service

There is always something you haven’t thought about!

That’s why we have started the “On-Demand” Service. With this service, you can ask our assemblers to install anything you want: a lamp on the ceiling, curtains at the window or a television on the wall, they will set it as you wish!

Furniture assembly and On Demand Service - Nadin
TV Furniture

Don’t hesitate to ask your free quote to discover our prices. Save time and energy with Nadin and its professional furniture assemblers.

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