Price of moving in Luxembourg

What is important in the price of moving in Luxembourg

Essentially 3 things :

  • the Volume to be moved:
    Numerous tools exists on the web to help you estimate the volume of your furniture. Don’t bother too much about this. A simple approximation will be enough, our guy will make his own estimation when he comes to your place.
  • the necessary ressources:
    • the number of movers: usually 3 movers are necessary. If it is a very small volume, 2 movers might be enough. On the other hand, if it is a big volume, 6 movers may be necessary (more than 6, this is becoming counter-productive).
    • the number of trucks: in most cases, 1 truck is enough. If you have more than 55m³ to move, a second truck will be necessary.
  • the accessibility:
    Stairs, narrow access, hallway with corners… All of this impact the time needed by the movers to move your belongings. Our guy will make a estimation of the accessibility during his visit. It might be cheaper to rent a lift than wasting too much time lifting your furniture by hand.

Contrary to general opinion, the moving distance is not so important in the final price. The main factor is the work force. Therefore, it should be used at its best.

Every moving has its own configuration and that’s why it is very difficult to give a common price of moving in Luxembourg.

Billing tips & tricks

To avoid unpleasant surprises, there are some easy things to check with your moving company:

  • Does the company apply the “every hour is billed” policy? If so, you might have an majored expense for a few extra minutes.
  • Some company have a convention written in their general terms (usually in small letters) which says there is a minimum of 4 hours for every service. For a 2 hours job, you might have to pay 4!

Before signing your contract, think about checking these points with your moving company.

Before you ask: the Nadin company bills by hour and we even count by quarter of hour. You can then be sure that you pay only for the job trully done by our movers.

Some extra tips

  • If you do the parking reservation by yourself, think big! Often, the parking place is too small: a truck plus its tail-board may need to 10 meters. If the truck can’t park, you will have made the reservation for nothing and get a extra cost because of the extra distance done by the movers to reach the truck.
  • When you ask for a quote, don’t hesitate to send pictures. It is easier to give a good price estimation when we visualize the location. You avoid difference between the quote and the final price.

Don’t hesitate to ask for your free quote to compare with other companies. With us, no unpleasant surprise!

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