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Professional Movers

All our movers in Luxembourg are professional and work full time. They make sure that your moving is fast and efficient.

Moreover, they are all trained to move heavy and large furniture without and risk of damage or injury. They pack, install and assemble all your belongings according to your wishes. 

We are specialized in movings for more than 70 years. We have now the biggest fleet in Luxembourg : more than 25 vehicles and 30 movers at your service.

Regardless what and when you want to move, we have the necessary ressources to help you move successfully

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to help you and make your moving a success

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Thanks to our lift large fleet, we can provide lift for every moving. 

This lift will help you to avoid unecessary efforts and damage while make you save time and money.

movers in luxembourg

Packaging materials

In addition to our moving service, we provide packaging materials and moving boxes of every size. 

With this material, you are able to prepare your moving correctly and be ready. 

Our Movers in Luxembourg also offer you:

Professional Furniture Assembly

Our furniture assemblers are trained professional. They dissassemble, transport and assemle all your furniture in record time. You move your company or your family, they will make your life easier and make you save a lot of time and efforts.

Secured Storage

With our storage service, you can store all your belongings as long as you want to. You furniture are safe in our secured and ventilated containers. We can come get your belongings at your place to save you the trouble. 

Delivery Service

Our delivery service allows you to be delivered where and when you want. We are specialized in delivering what the others can't: we have special trucks and trained movers. No risk of damage or injury with us!

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